TJJ Ambassadors

The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey Ambassadors

Sophie Barnett

“TJJ Ambassadors is the experience of a lifetime. Not only did I discover the history of my own people, but I learned what it means to be a Jew. More specifically, a Jew living outside of Israel.”

Jenny Kovach

“TJJ Ambassadors was hands down the best five weeks of my life! The connections I formed with my fellow Ambassadors were unlike any other. I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know my peers as the amazing people that they are. Whether it included learning about people’s pasts, discussing our futures, or just delving…

Kayla Silow-Carroll

“My Summer on TJJ Ambassadors was truly unforgettable. There is no better way to spend a summer than to tour Israel learning about the land and Judaism, and making lifetime friends. Thanks to this program, I now feel confident in my ability to stand up for the state of Israel.”

Raffi Hallerman

“Seeing the land alive and growing after learning about the Jews’ struggles and difficulties in the past made me feel inspired…and most of all, ready to help facilitate the growth. TJJA was an experience that helped me connect my Judaism to similar teens from around the world in a way that I could never forget.”