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About The Trip

Director’s Message

Welcome to TJJ Ambassadors!

While TJJ brings a teen on a journey to explore the breadth of Israel, TJJ Ambassadors Israel (TJJAI) picks up right where TJJ left off and takes you to the next level to embark on a journey to explore the depth of Israel.

TJJAI follows the journey of the founding of the State of Israel to modern times through an experience like no other. TJJA’s goals are to develop a TJJer’s understanding of who they are, enhance their emotional connection to the Land of Israel, and to develop the skills needed to defend Israel. This is done through an enriched educational curriculum focused on personal growth, experiential advocacy, and social action. All of this is done while still providing the TJJers with the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

Be a part of it and become and ambassador!

All the best,

Rabbi Mike Kahn